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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Strangled by Deadlines AGAIN

I've looked like this since getting back from New Orleans. My brother says time is measured differently in N.O., so maybe it's some kind of time-travel-continuum loss and when I returned to the real world I lost more than the five days I spent there. More later. But no real photos of the Reubens; I forgot to take a camera, then bought a disposable camera, then most of the time forgot about it, too. This is why I draw I guess, though I didn't draw much of anything while I was there either.


nolanart said...

I had a feeling we'd be seeing that clown again. Hang in there, Richard!

Unknown said...

Deadlines are a blessing.
So good to see you again. There's a picture of you and that camera at:


Ted Dawson said...

Richard, congratulations on not winning! These things change a person. You'd become unbearable and turn into a prima donna. You'd start drinking Perrier and eating crumpets. It could destroy your personal relationships. Glad you're still with us.

richardcthompson said...

It's that g-dd-m clown again! My aversion to clowns is well-founded.

Bill, it was a delight to bump into you, and in New Orleans of all places. Hope all is well in the lovely town of Asheville and keep in touch please.

Ted, I'm already insufferable, but I disguise it under a thin veneer of humility. I'm just one award away from becoming a monster.