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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Home Again

Here I am at the Reubens in New Orleans. That's me, with a beer (just like always, ha ha!) in between Mark Tattuli and Mike Mikula at Broussard's Restaurant on Sunday night. And yes, that's about as clear as things were this weekend. Ha ha! No shiny divisional award plaque for me, but lots of happy, blurry memories.

More to come when I can remember it.

(photo courtesy of Tom Richmond, who doesn't know about this)


Mike Rhode said...

Seurat here, Seurat there..

Stacy Curtis said...

For scandalous photos of Mr. Richard Thompson, or at least the Reubens-version of himself, check out Mike Lynch's photos:

So Richard ... we're waiting for YOUR funny joke, riddle or anecdote. There were some pretty good ones in the comments on your earlier post.

BTW -- How was the train trip?

Tom R said...

D'OH!!! I probably walked right past you a dozen times and didn't even know you were in there! That's what i get for not studying the attendance list. Now I know what you look like, Thompson... with that pixelly complexion shown here I'll recognize you instantly next time.

Seriously, I'd have loved to have met you this weekend. Next time shout out when you see me. I'm the guy with the gorilla-like arms.

richardcthompson said...

Mike, my eyesite's partially recovered, enough for close-up work at least.

Stacy, I can't tell a joke to save my life, so I'll work on an anecdote. Waitaminit, isn't this whole blog nothing but pointless anecdotes? The train trip was long, the seat was roomy & comfortable enough, the food was blah, the various people sitting next to me were fun to talk to, and all the conductors & staff were unfailingly helpful and also fun to talk to. And I like scenery, so I got plenty of that.

Tom, Do'h right back. There were a dozen or more people I would've & should've met, and you especially to congratulate you on your Reuben! Next time I'll try to read the little nametags a little better. But you I should've recognized from your caricature!

here today, gone tomorrow said...

You was robbed! (I feel an Alician-level tantrum coming on...)

Kid Shay said...

I'm positive you will win eventually. Best not to peak too early.

It took Scorsese, what, 30 years to win an Oscar? Hopefully it won't take them THAT long to honor you, but in the meantime you're in good company.

richardcthompson said...

Oh no, I wasn't robbed, htgt, Jim Meddick won and he has my sincere congratulations. I was just tickled to be nominated after only six-some months of doing this thing.

I'm not venerable enough for veneration, or something like that.

Mike Rhode said...

Well, it depends on how you count. I thought you've been doing this thing in the Sunday Post for years now.