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Thursday, April 11, 2019

"New" Richard Thompson art

From Richard's old friend Brian Nicklas:

 I found a scan of the original art Richard did for me for my talk on the History of Aviation and Photography.

This was for a talk I gave at ISAP (International Society for Aviation Photography) V held March 3-5, 2005 in Chantilly, VA.

So, as you know Richard - it was done in February, 2005.

This was shown after the image of the Wright's Dec 17, 1903 first flight taken by Coastguardsman John T. Daniels.

 I said to Richard I needed something to show how amazing it was that we had an image of the moment of invention. It would be like a caveman having one of those "Flintstones' cameras to take an image of the first wheel.

So here we have the Cronk brothers, Murray and Oog - on the first wheel - as depicted by the much loved "R.T."