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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Home Again

We're back home now, in that drearily enjoyable semi-letdown that comes after a good vacation. My proudest achievement while at the beach was producing a week of daily strips without a lightbox, drawing table or a congenial radio station, but with enough distractions to make my head spin. And after I fedexed the dailies I let my head spin freely, which was actually my proudest achievement, never mind the dailies. My only regrets are that while we were there nobody launched a kite, took a nighttime beach stroll or played mini golf. But that's okay, there's always next year.

Here are two old beach trip Cul de Sacs, one from '07 and the other from '06.


Mike Rhode said...

Oddly, and annoyingly enough, neither did we.

Unknown said...

First thing we are packing is the kite. Cannot promise to cover the other items, but shall try. Can hardly wait!

arcticcircle said...

Fedex! Wow - old school. I'm glad that by the time I left my newspaper job, email was well and truly entrenched and I didn't have to do the courier thing. Nice to know you still can, of course.

Sandra said...

You WORKED on your vacation???? ...oh have a syndicated strip, don't you...

Stacy Curtis said...

Welcome home, Richard!
Now pour the sand out of your shoes and get to work!
The worst part of vacations is getting back to work again.

Mrs. Denneldoff said...

Welcome back--we've missed you.

richardcthompson said...

Mike, there's always next year! The Mike who was at our beach house, Mike Molnar, flew his model plane on the beach a number of times with great skill. That's as close to a kite as we got.

Mrs. W, you all have fun down there. Usually we have to buy a new kite but, even though we packed an old one, it stayed in the car.

HD, yes, thank god for the continuing long reach of fedex, and for the syndicate for covering the cost. Should I reminisce about the first fax machine I bought? Ok, I won't. Hope all's good in the Antipodes.

Sandra! Do I detect a note of sarcasm? If so I welcome it, especially as it sounds like you've been there too.

Stacy, jeez, ain't it true... I've been trying to recompress for two days and I'm still not back yet. Someone was running a weedwacker or something when I woke up this morning and I though it was Mike Molnar flying his plane.

Mrs. D., thanks! I missed you too; youall should've come on down. We had 17 people in our beach house and could've made room for a coupla dozen more easy.