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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Slapstick Galore

So yesterday, in the midst of trying to finish inking a week of strips and do some roughs for a freelance job, I walked across my studio with a cup of coffee and tripped over a stack of drawing pads, bounced a few times off a bookcase and sat down in box of books. It was a hoot if you were watching it unfold from a distance like a silent comedy, less so if you were more intimately involved in the processs. I'm fine, but there are coffee stains all over the place, a hole poked into a nearby cabinet (nothing fancy, the hole slightly improves it) and the box of books looks like somebody sat in it.

In more pressing news, it's been decided that the correct nomenclature for bugs that fly around in your back yard and light up is "lightning bug", the final tally in our poll being lightning bugs-65, fireflies-57, electro-galvanic gnats-18, other-6. I'll alert the Society of Entomologists or whoever decides these things. And thanks to all who voted. The winner of a free dessert with a small coffee is- Mike Rhode!


richardcthompson said...

Courtesy of Mike Lester, who for Some Reason, Can't Post on this Blog-

the "dingbats" for lack of a better word in this piece are universal, like speed lines behind the Roadrunner. has anyone ever cataloged these and is there a formal name for them and is it normal for an otherwise grown man to wonder? I've got a friend who's wondering.

Answer TK-

Stacy Curtis said...

Is that some sort of Olympic event?

You're the Michael Phelps of falling across a studio.

Glad you're not hurt.

I think the answer to Mike's question may be found in "The Lexicon of Comicana" by Mort Walker.

Theophylact said...

What was wrong with "glowworm"?

richardcthompson said...

I'd hoped that glowworms were covered by "other", mostly because I thought they were some kind of larval thing and I was too tired to look it up. My uncle Jack also mentioned glowworms in an email that I rudely never answered.

So the controversy continues...

diariodeformato said...

(sorry, i not spreak inglish)

They are Italian yours fan and I renew mine compliments for the adventures of Alice that I can read every month on the Linus review. (trad. Babelfish)


nolanart said...

Richard, glad you are ok, and the only stains that occurred were coffee.

And OH BOY OH BOY OH BOY! The Otterloops are going to the BEACH!!!

Mike Rhode said...

Wow, I won something! My guess is it's because I live a couple of miles away so I'm the cheapest to pay off, but hell, I'll take it.

You should all encourage Richard to sell those piles of art to you, instead of tripping over them.

Stacy Curtis said...

Richard, can I buy a pile?

Eric Dyck said...

Well I, for one, am going to take heed of your unfortunate experience and clean up my studio first thing in the morning.

Oh, and put my coffee in a sippy-cup!

scratchy said...

At least you didn't choke on the coffee, it's a painful but efficient way to clean the sinus cavity