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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Today's Poor Almanack

The joke here, if there is one, is that Hillary is posing as the front-runner. Haha!

This Hillary caricature was also posted some months ago so she make look a little familiar. I think I drew it for fun a coupla years back and I've been waiting for a chance to use it since. And I did a Hillary finiger puppet joke last October, but I kinda hated the drawing, so this kills two birds with one stone.

It actually kills a whole flock of 'em, because the first idea I had was to do something like this with Hillary. This one's from about four years ago during a previous exercise in democracy. It's sort of what's called a "wallpaper gag", one where there's a simple repeating image, though this one varies a little. I've also done this with John Kerry and Al Gore, but this one's my favorite, though despite my best efforts the man got elected anyway.


here today, gone tomorrow said...

Little pink sock.


paul bowman said...

A cartoonist whose best efforts don't change the political landscape is ... still a cartoonist, happily. In your case, still a great cartoonist.

richardcthompson said...


Thanks, Paul. As long as nobody blames me for anything.