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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Ides of April

I hate to say it, but here it is that time of year, April being the cruelest month and all. You know that if it says "From the IRS" it must be real, too.


Unknown said...

You are a silly person and you make me laugh.

P.S. Thank you.

Mark Anderson said...

When doing her first tax return with her mom helping, my wife actualy almost wrote "taxes suck" in the memo section of her check.

richardcthompson said...

Thanks, Kat! Yes I am.

Jeez, Mark, your wife is brave. I slipped a note in with my first tax return saying something like "spend it wisely for once" and then I worried about hearing back from an irate IRS agent. But long as it goes through I guess they don't care what's on the check, except for the amount.

Bear said...

Surely you all know that our tax forms are read and processed by Halliburton Tax-Bots®, which naturally have had their humor chips replaces by SneerVision® ones. **crackle** **ZAP** Please. Disregard. Previous. Non-Tax Filling Comments. **Bzzzt**

here today, gone tomorrow said...

Love the father and son in the last bit.