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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Fun With Anagrams

In the post below about Hogan's Alley magazine I mentioned that it can be anagrammed as Holy Lasagne. To my shame, I got that anagram off of a web anagram generator which, once I typed in "hogans alley", coughed up almost 400 anagrams. I'd never used an anagram generator before, being staunch in my belief that such things should be handmade. But heck, this is a blog, it's not like it's a real job and who has the time to make anagrams for free these days with the price of gas being what it is?

But I remembered this cartoon that I did late in 2001. I found that "Osama Bin Laden" is good for anagrams, though nothing else, and made dozens of them all by hand then picked my favorites and gave them aliases.

And at the time we seemed to've been searching for Bin Laden very hard so I thought this might be of help.


here today, gone tomorrow said...

I appreciate that you always have the greater good in mind when you are doing your art.

Bram said...

I've got a clipping of this from when it first ran in the Post. One my favorites of your comics.

Kyri Kyprianou said...

I just saw your blog featured on Drawn! Well done, it's looking great. I love your sense of humour!

Kid Shay said...

This reminds me of that police sketch of the Unabomber. Except instead of aviator sunglasses and a hoody, you look for those creepy staring eyes.

This comic also brings up the good point that we should have an anagram dept. within Homeland Security.