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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Belated Haydn's Birthday Fun Facts

Oops, his birthday was March 31st.


Mark Anderson said...

Who knew Hadyn could be so much fun?! (And thank you for not making and 'hidin'' jokes.)

richardcthompson said...

Of course! Haydn was a fun guy. Though I don't know if he shared Mozart's taste for fart jokes. Personally, I do.

Rex Immensae Majestatis Chapman said...

He loved it when they called him Big Papa (Haydn).

Mark Anderson said...

Few people know that the Surprise symphony was actually supposed to employ a giant whoopee cushion (known in that era as the fartsichord), but technical difficulties on opening night forced Haydn to add that single loud chord via orchestra at the last minute.

Bob Burnett said...

No doubt the fartischord was a major influence in generations to come when Al Kooper employed the sphincterphone on recordings in the '60s.

Yes, it's true. A sphincterphone was an interestingly inserted microphone in tandem with hand percussion to the midsection. It purportedly created a unique, resonating pitter-patter.

I'm sure narcotics had nothing to do with its creation--or use.

richardcthompson said...

Dang, all these great fart jokes and now it's too late to put 'em in the cartoon. Next time for sure!