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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Today's Cul de Sac, November 18-28. But Not 21, 2010

My uncle Jack tells me that Cul de Sac is the first strip out of the gate with a Christmas joke. Yay!
I'd thought about doing a little arc about the Santa candle; maybe it gets left on Dad's car and melts or something. But I didn't.
Every Thanksgiving needs to be different. The simultaneous-talking word jumble was better here. And from the look of this strip and others, Mom must run a home business fixing tiny motors.
All Grandma seems to make is stuffing, deviled eggs and beet casserole. No wonder her growth was stunted.
This place may have appeared in an old Almanac "Restaurant Closings" cartoon.
Here's where I discover that bread tongs are hard to draw recognizably.
The alternate ending had Dad saying he was thankful no other diners had accidentally ingested Grandma's stuffing. Another story arc uninvestigated.
All those desserts was harder to draw than I anticipated. And who serves rice pudding at Thanksgiving anyway?
Ew, I hate to imagine what he's doing.
There's too much hatching on the slide.


Roto13 said...

Oh, the slide looks fine.

I love the Christmas pageant arc that comic you linked to is from. The whole thing was gold.

zero hour said...

I need to tell you inspiring you are! I so love your writing and linework!
Thanks for some spiffy holiday comics!!

richardcthompson said...

Thanks, Roto, I feel better now.

I'd thought about doing another pageant but it would've been distant second, probably.

And thank you, Patty! You made my always-grueling Thursday easier.