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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Francis Pharcellus Church

I did this in 1997, on the 100th anniversary of the editorial, and I'm reposting it here from the last two year's Christmastime blog. It's all true, though I might've exaggerated the moustache.


Mike said...

I have heard that Virginia had lived in Northern New York, not far from where I grew up. Looking into it, I find she was not. Nor was FP Church, but he is buried in a cemetery about three blocks from my sister's house.

I knew there was a connection somewhere!

Kid Shay said...

Nothing brings the holiday cheer like a magnificent bushy moustache!

pxmolina said...

Ha-ha-ha! great Richard!

Unknown said...

Hey uh, this is unrelated to this comic (although it's great). Just wanted to say, Cul de Sac is easily one of the best comics out there, so thank you for doing it. I mention this today, in particular, because today's comic cracked me up.