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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Today's Cul de Sac, December 19, 2010 With Bonus Almanack

 This follows nicely on Saturday's strip, which is pretty impressive as I drew the Sunday a month or so ago but only did the Saturday a few weeks back. And that's the only thing that's impressive about it really; the Sunday strip has a few good moments but it needs a stronger finish. Mr. Otterloop just didn't come through with a sharp enough zinger. But Petey's dense wad of foil makes me happy.

So here's an Almanack from 2006. Some of the jokes are outdated, but it's got a decent Christmas sweater gag and I like the Alastair Sim/Peter Billingsley mashup.


Neil J Murphy said...

The trouble wasn't Mr. Otterloop's line, it was his delivery that was off. I think he may have been a bit late picking up his cues.

Eric Stott said...

The Alastair Sim portrait is genius

Marc Crisafulli said...

YAA, cut him some slack, it's the holidays; everyone's nerves are frazzled at this point. Moon Mullins and Andy Gump wouldn't stand a CHANCE against the elder Otterloop in a riffoff!

(and anyway he pays the bills in the house)

Araxie said...

For the record, this Cul de Sac was the funniest in our Sunday funnies that day. :) My whole family loved it.

As a side note, my word verification jumble says "turdnoun". Because why not?