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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Sunday's Cul de Sac

The strip for December 2nd is one of my favorites. I just liked drawing the rough, more than I liked drawing the final. Which is common; when drawing a rough the brain is in a relaxed, liquid state, the jaw is slack, and the hand moves easily. Drawing a final everything tightens up, neatness counts because, mistakes are made and worries form because, you know, People Will See This.

Here's a bit off the end of the rough skech for December 2nd's Cul de Sac. Actually, I did a previous quick rough for it I like even better; it's an almost incoherent tangle of lines. Somday I'll learn to draw cartoons by swinging a canfull of ink, like Jackson Pollock. I'll need a bigger studio.

Note: for some reason when you click on the image it downloads to your computer instead of merely opening in a new window. I don't know why. But please, consider it my unwanted gift to you, with all my best wishes for the Holiday Season.


brian said...

Hey there.
Huge fan of your work. So tickled you've got this new strip going now. I make a point to read it and your blog daily.

Was having the same problem as yourself with pictures downloading instead of opening. Searched blogger and it seems that this is a bug in the system. They've posted a temporary fix that you can add to the html in "edit" mode which is working for some people in the meantime. You can find that info here:

All the best,

richardcthompson said...

Thanks, Brian, for the kind words and the fix. Which may be beyond my feeble computer skills (this image is about the second time I've used the scanner to do anything other than merely copy it; I thought the whole downloading problem was my fault. For all I know it might've been..). But I'll give it a shot!

JoshM said...

I love today's comic; there just isn't enough surrealism in comics these days.

And I can't wait to see what kind of results you'll get with the Pollack technique.

here today, gone tomorrow said...

I'm going to smek blogger and change over to Wordpress.