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Friday, December 14, 2007

MORE Unnecessary Cartoon Violence

I just said in the comments on the previous post that Cul de Sac isn't some baggy-pants big-foot slapstick fest, and here's another instance of unnecessary cartoon violence. So maybe it is a baggy-pants big-foot slapstick fest, and I just hadn't realized it. This is the penultimate panel of today's cartoon, right after Alice slammed into her mother's new Christmas sweater. More tomorrow!


Michael Devers said...

She's fortunate she hit it straight on. A Christmas sweater like that - you hit at just the right angle - the surface abrasions could leave a life-long scar.

richardcthompson said...

That happened to the brother of the best friend of the niece of my sisiter-in-law's neighbor's oldest kid. He still winks funny.

Mike Rhode said...

Why don't men get Christmas sweaters like that? Is this another case of blatant holidayan discrimination?