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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Cartoonists Day Again, Again

You may be wondering, "How can I best celebrate this festive day?" You might consider:
  • Finding a cartoonist near you and mowing his lawn, at least the front lawn (especially the hard part with the hill).
  • While you're at it trim his shrubs, so the mailman can find his front door again.
  • Does his house need vacuuming? Well, what are you waiting for?
  • Who left all these dishes in the sink?
  • The cats; somebody feed the cats.
  • You could take him to lunch at the Mexican place down the street, where they're having some no doubt cartoonist-related celebration.
  • For God's sake laugh at his cartoons. If they appear in a newspaper, buy extra copies (or multiple subscriptions, even) and laugh at them too.
  • Is he not posting anything new on his stupid blog and it's driving you crazy? You should send him a cheerful card stuffed with cash to inspire him.
Note: if the cartoonist near you is a lady, please substitute "her" for "his". The original of the cartoon reproduced above is in the collection of the fabulous Mr. Jef Mallett, so this is a scan of the Almanac book page. And it's the same one I ran last year, and the year before, if it looks familiar.


Stephen said...

I'll feed your cats, but you might take a look at my lawn before asking me to do anything to yours.

chris said...

Happy cartoonist day! I did send you a card stuffed with paper! Go ahead, brag on me on thinking of you!

The Bug said...

I ditto Stephen, but mostly about the vacuuming. Being a stereotypical couple, my husband handles the mowing & does a great job. I handle the vacuuming...poorly. And since it's been so wet in Ohio this last month there's probably an imminent mushroom infestation. Eww!

Happy Cartoonist Day!

joe said...

I need everything except cat feeding, but I need more people to laugh at my cartoons so that makes up the difference

Mike said...

If it doesn't look familiar, what is it?

mike flugennock said...

Y'know, I think the problem here is that this year, Cartoonists' Day coincides with the 50th anniversary of the the first US manned spaceflight, Freedom 7, a Mercury capsule piloted by Alan Shepard, launched this day in 1961.

That said...being an entirely able-bodied guy, I've got the first five nailed down... but, no. 6 -- that sounds like a total Win. La Loma is five minutes' walk from my house, right down Mass Ave, and serves awesome chimichangas and good cheap beer.

We only have one cat here, but I more than enjoy the morning feeding ritual as I always somehow feel honored when she dashes downstairs in time to give me a big whisker rub as I put the dish down.

As far as laughing at my work... well, they're political cartoons, so they aren't necessarily designed to be laughed at, but more hate mail from pissed-off Liberals wildly indignant that I'm attacking Obama from the Left would be nice.

Oh, yeah, and money. Lots of it. Money's always good.

Andrew said...

Appreciative comment TK

The Deep End said...

Go cartoonists!!!!

Aardwolf said...

ha ha ha thats great!!! but completely untrue .well. maybe a bit true. ok . quite true

Aardwolf said...

ha ha ha thats the best!!

Diego Fernetti said...

A grand day for all the serial artists! Always liked this from Kliban:

MisngNOLA said...

Well dangit Mr. Thompson, had I known you lived in Arlington, VA., I'd have certainly sprung for Messcan food last night for you in celebration of National Catroonist's Day (and that cinco de mayo thingie too).

Drew Stearns said...

I think hat levitation is one of the most underrated gags. It reminded me of this video: