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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Today's Cul de Sac for May 11, 2011 is doing some upgrading, maintenance and vacuuming up right now and some people, like me, are having trouble getting to the site (Safari users are having the most trouble). So for those of you who can't see it on its home page, here's today's Cul de Sac. Didn't I start posting these every day at some point? I forget. This one's a little violent with all these tiny soccer hooligans but the perspective on the jungle gym is dandy, if you like that kinda thing. As the week goes on the jungle gym seems to get denser and more pointlessly intricate. I must've been obsessing.


The Bug said...

I was able to get on the site, but there were NO comments on any of the comics I read. I was pretty disappointed. No offense, but sometimes the comments are even funnier than the strip. Sometimes.

Neil J Murphy said...

I only had a problem with Bloom County; yours and all the others on my feed were okay. (I am pleased to see that they seem to have started Calvin and Hobbes from the beginning this week.)

That 'jungle gym' brings back memories. Have they still got them in DC? I haven't seen them in years, though in my day (more or less your day, mid-60's) we called them 'monkey bars', and they were responsible for my lack of front teeth as a child.