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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Post Mag Blows Lid Off Cartoonist's Shady Past

Article here, photos here, and my profound thanks to Michael Cavna for omitting the embarrassing stuff and Dustin Fenstermacher for only getting my good side.


chris said...

Great story Mike !
Great Photos Dustin!
Just great Richard!
Where is the dirt I was promised on you?
Behind the Banjo?
All of the art on the floor?
I know its there Mr!

Mike said...

Definitely worth the price of admission!

Anonymous said...

Richard - I've enjoyed this fine clutch of views into your world. One of your "Richard's Poor Almanac" pieces that has lodged firmly in my mind was about the character of certain plants. The Impatiens that demanded water is my favorite and, it occurs to me, had a lot in common with Alice Otterloop. Any chance that you could resurrect it for the blog?
Twiss Butler

Joyce said...

Really enjoyed the article and pics ... im-press-ive.

David Apatoff said...

Great article, well deserved. The drawings were a lot of fun, the photos were illuminating (you sure like Degas) and if anything, Cavna's praise was understated. Good luck on the 28th!