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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Today's Cul de Sac, November 14, 15 & 16 2010

Ernesto's actuality is best left unexamined, I think.
Maybe he's a wormholian who can slide between realities (I knew kids like this).
Or maybe he's a projection of the zeitgeist. Whatever, he's good for laffs when used sparingly. For what it's worth, below is my favorite Ernesto appearance. Which is available in the first CdS book at Amazon for only $5.20. So that's what it's worth.


Aardwolf said...

hey bud love your style!! super dynamic i wish i could get movement like that. the drawings are funny in themselves!!

Lori said...

the vagaries of publishing aside, your books are priceless! :)

Leandro Correia said...

Hello, since I first saw his drawings was very impressed with the dash, simple but with a load of very strong expression, very good ... interesting to meet people away from country, always seeking to learn more ... goodbye.

Matthew Bond said...

Not that I know better or anything, but I think the strip of November 17th, where Andre & Petey discuss Ernesto, would have been better with the silent panel third, not second.

paul bowman said...

Ernesto's one of my favorite things about Cul de Sac. But he is rather a stiff drink, yes.

Araxie said...

My favorite part of those early Ernesto strips (beside Ernesto) is Petey's reaction- it rings very true to my sister and I, who would always become inconsolably upset as kids if there were any tiny mistakes made to our treasured works of art. There's a little Petey in all of us.

On a side note- my Word Verification Jumble spells out "Phear".