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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Today's Cul de Sac, December 10 Through 18, 2010

Our semi-annual dash through a week's plus worth of Cul de Sac.
 Clapping rhythmically is an important social skill.
 This is a variation on a yearly purchase by Mrs. Otterloop. Last year's sweater kept displaying Halloween and the Fourth of July before finally, in a moment of great and heart-stirring beauty, erupting in Christmas.
 This was fun to draw, in a lazy kinda way.
 There's a joke in here somewhere, I'm almost sure.
 The best thing in this is: Petey stops wagging his foot in the center panel.
 I always suspected they shared a fashion sense.
 These hats exist, and people do put them on their heads.
 And they are fun to draw.
Christmas trees are likewise fun to draw. I did a whole series of Christmas Tree Almanacs, which I'll post when I get the time and Hell freezes over. Mr. Otterloop's last line is lifted from one of them.


MJB said...

In re the elf hats, Mr. Thompson, if all the people who wear them share one head, then that is one big mother of a hat.

richardcthompson said...

Thanks! Fixed.

B Moore said...

The skeleton sweater from last year is one of my favorite strips.

Dan Moynihan said...

Best part of the last one is Petey's head in the lower right!