Saturday, November 6, 2010

Today's Cul de Sac, November 1 Through 6 2010

Race you to the end of the week. Ready? Go-
This was originally the idea for the previous Sunday's strip, recounting Petey and Andre's somewhat disastrous Halloween, but that left Alice out of the picture. So a little tweaking and it's all told in flashbacks.
Not much of a joke but it sets up the week. Please take a moment to admire the crosshatching.
 Oh, I love Sharing Time! It's so fraught with drama. I'd like to know more about Kevin's stick.
 Alice seems uncharacteristically ill at ease in the second panel. Kevin's cat 'on a vacuum cleaner video was inspired by my friend Craig Fischer's favorite video "kittens on a Roomba". As Craig is a professor of film studies and English I trust his taste in such things.
 And I love it when Alice gets forcibly escorted offstage. But the thought that Nara brings a new duck-shaped potato to every Sharing Time is the peak of the week, I think.
Petey's bedroom is where most of Alice's Autopsy of the Day's Events take place. You may have noticed that Alice the Pangolin's right eyeball was coming loose a few days ago.


Luna said...

This is just a thought, but what if Petey really did chew his arm off one day? How would that go down?

habamom said...

I think Alice must still be a little ill.

On another note, can you provide a link to the kittens on a roomba video? I didn't see it on Craig's page.

Roto13 said...

When I read the third panel of the second strip, I was like "Alice would LOVE for everyone to think she's had some weird disease that turned her into a half-human, half-pangolin." Then I was right.

The Bug said...

Yep, I definitely like the weekly summary better than the daily one. Alice is such a hot mess!

SCOTTtheBADGER said...

I, too, should like to know more about the Legendary Stick of Kevin.

Sam said...

Poor Nara.