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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Continued Some More

I've got all these Christmas cartoons lying around that I didn't get around to posting, so I'll take advantage of the Twelve Days of Christmas. This is an Almanac from around 2000, and it was printed in the Almanac collection (you can see the "Poor Almanac" crudely whited out by me for reproduction in the book). I like getting these Christmas newsletters, though I've never sent one out. Or even sent out a Christmas card in recent memory. So, here's this instead.


chris said...

So I need to quit looking for my Christmas card? :)

Freddy Letrange said...

Not that you meant it to, but the "whole crew" shot - especially the character third from left in the back - reminds me a little of something M.K. Brown might have done. Are you at all a fan of hers? I am.