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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Can't Draw

On the other hand, I still can't draw Cheney. Even when I try four times.


beeler said...

Great cartoon! Euclid would have be highly amused, too. Some say ancient greek mathematicians have no sense of humor, but they're wrong. In high school, I thought Pythagoras was hilarious. Oh, and that is a good Cheney, actually. I think he's harder to draw than most people realize.

Jim Borgman said...

You're missing the boyishness, the sparkle, the playful and carefree nature. Keep trying.

Kid Shay said...

Your comics look fantastic. I hope that Cul de Sac comes to a newspaper near me very soon. The samples I read were creative and funny.

Good luck to you.

josh shalek

Unknown said...

Glad to see you in the blogosphere. I'm hoping you'll be posting some sketches from Cul de Sac.

P.S. it's Brian from Dog eat Doug. This is my other secret identity on Blogger.

Mike Rhode said...

Richard, I think you should start doing a Cheney cartoon every week, and then the Post can censor you and you'll become a major news story and people will be clamoring to see your work.