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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Stuff on the floor

We went to a baby party tonight. A friend's daughter turned one and I hadn't been to a party for anyone under the age of fifty in a while. Our daughters go to birthday parties for those who've turned their ages, 9 & 12, but without us. So anyway, being at this baby party in a house with babies made me aware of things on the floor. Here are some things on the floor of my studio.

Lots of drawings.

Lots of rough sketches, copies of sketches, revised rough sketches.

Lots of abandoned inked finals.

Some drawings with watercolors.

Some more in frames, leaning against the wall.

Those sneakers I was looking for that I thought were under the bed.

Lots of books.

A drawer full of Cul roughs I pulled out of my little flatfiles because I couldn't find one of the sheets with the color codes on it. I still haven't found it.

Some money (probably not really; if I convince myself there's some money to be found on the floor it'll give me the impetus to pick stuff up).

Some CDs and a box of sheet music.

A banjo I haven't learned how to play.

A case with my old bagpipes that I've forgotten how to play.

A cat toy (I'm assuming, there's always a cat toy).


A blue gum eraser that bounces under furniture when dropped.

I hope not an Xacto knife.

Some bugs (I'm assuming; I've got a basement studio so there's usually bugs).

A narrow path through all this stuff. I'm clumsy and step on things without meaning to, so maybe I'd better pick up stuff. Plus I hear there's money under it somewhere.

What's on YOUR studio floor?


Scott Nickel said...

I recently performed a major excavation on the disater I call my studio (a fourth bedroom in our house).

What's on the floor?

My shoes

A cat food dish

A pile of Mad magazines and comics

Bubble wrap

Some 12-pound dumbbells

3-ring binders for TRIPLE TAKE, HIS & HERS, GO TEAM BOB, and EEK!

Portable CD player sans headphones

Stray Styrofoam peanuts

Crumpled-up wad of Kleenex

Unopened model kit boxes: The Mummy, The Wolf Man, The Invisible Man

An ellipses template

Various bits of tape

And, just like you, money. I'm sure of it.

Unknown said...

...nothing as exciting as your floor..
an old computer I don't know what to do with,
Kinda working TV I haven't been able to toss yet,
Homemade light box,
Carvings I can't sell,
a Dog,

sheesh...I wish I had some bagpipes!

BTW great job on today's Sunday page...very funny!

Matt said...

jeez. there's high brow, there's middle brow and then there's floor brow.......

arcticcircle said...

Dog bed, dog bowl, no dog (Billie is at home).

Fan heater. It may be Spring outside but not in this old studio yet.

Filing I have yet to do. About 3 months worth (ie. since the last tax return).

A 50 year old toaster that I need the element fixed in. Are there people who still do this? I don't want a new one.

A lot of lint, pencil shavings and probably a few bits of food that Billie hasn't found yet as it has been a while since i brought my hoover down...

richardcthompson said...

Hungydog, you know they still make toasters these days, every bit as good, better even, than 50 years ago. And they don't weigh 90 pounds and have a cord that looks like a bungee cord either, and they can do sometimes 8 slices simultaneously! Maybe it's time to get a new one.

But on the other hand, who needs 8 slices of toast at one time? We've got a fixit shop a few miles from here; bet they could do it.

And anything that's 50 years old must be excellent. That's my new motto, or it will be real soon.

Hey Scott, can you write off those model kits as necessary research for EEEK!?

Unknown said...

My studio is currently upstairs, in a room previously designated for the washer/dryer. An upstairs laundry room as you can imagine isn’t really that big, so the floor space isn’t really an option. Everything sorta lives at head level and beyond. So I’ll list some things in my room that really have no business being part of a 25 square foot area.

3 Foot Superman Returns Doll

Every single Spawn Comic Ever.

A Superman kite.

50 plus action figures all on display.

Signed Kurt Cobain Photo.

Ohhhh…..wait! There is something on my floor.

A giant chewing dust bunny.

The good news is, I got a window!