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Friday, September 28, 2007

Probably Shouldn't Draw

Every once in a while I do an Almanack with a realistic & fully-posable finger puppet that can be cut out and enjoyed by anyone who can weild scissors & tape. Like this one. They're really just self-indulgent failures of the imagination. I can't think of anything else to draw, so I draw a face that's fun to draw, then at the last minute I add a comment at the bottom and hope for the best. I may have gone to the well one time too often and I should quit. But look at that face! Who can resist? And Tom the courier and my friend Mike both say they're fun to cut out and collect, though I haven't tried either. And the kids love 'em, or at least they haven't specifically complained about them.

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Mike Rhode said...

Yes, I've photocopied and made everyone of them so far. You could try to avoid the celebrity of the moment like Patreus though, because in a few months I'll have no idea who this guy on my shelf is.

I even made the Axis of Evil bobbleheads.