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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Fan Art Saturday- Updated!

More Fine Fan Art this week! A little more and I'll be able to cut-and-paste a whole month of Cul de Sac strips, which is of course the whole idea behind this exercise. (You knew that, right?)

First, our friend David Hagen, cartoonist, painter, slide-shooting lifesaver, sent this lovely portrait of Big Shirley, probably the biggest Shirley we've seen. This looks exactly like David's paintings, but it was colored in photoshop, which impresses me no end as I'm pretty hamfisted as a photoshopist. Thanks, David! We gotta do that lunch thing! 

And Mr. Logan Giannini, who claims he cannot draw (never stopped us!), sent this charming pastiche, combining some of our favorite comic strips. From left to right: Lucy, Alice, Lio, Grundoon, Little Nemo and Calvin. Thanks, Logan!

And from Mr.
David Troy, the master of design from Los Angeles, we've just received this ingenious view of Petey. A sort of psychological portrait in signage, or diagram, form. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Petey Piechart-

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Izikavazo said...

Just dropping by to say that I love Cul De Sac. It's one of my favorite strips up there with Calvin & Hobbes and The Far Side. I just got your first collection and I'm making sure to tell all my friends about it.
Thanks for being hilarious and drawing a strip that actually looks good.