Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Sweater Voting Now Open!

The finalists have been chosen and their photos posted! Now it's up to you, the Great Unwashed American Public, to choose a winner! Please go over to the Christmas Sweater Contest at GoComics and make your selection from the finalists, each of whom will win a Cul de Sac book signed by me (with a drawing too). But only the winner will receive the Complete Calvin & Hobbes (ooh!), which, besides being a collection of masterworks, is also the heaviest book ever to make the New York Times bestseller list.

Here's the schedule (I could've said "schedYULE' again)-

  • 12/15 - Contest opens for submissions
  • 12/18 - Submissions period closes at 11:59pm
  • 12/21 - Five finalists announced, online voting begins
  • 12/23 - Voting closes at 11:59pm
  • 12/24 - The winner is announced!

  • So hurry! It's your duty as a patriot!


    Neil J Murphy said...

    Aren't there supposed to be five finalists? I only see four (and the 'Doggy Sweater' hardly couts; those look like decals.

    richardcthompson said...

    You're right, and I don't know. I'll ask. I kinda like the doggie sweater though...

    richardcthompson said...

    Neil, I'm told that the fifth finalist turned out to not be a photograph of the entrant. And with the tight turnaround the Uclick people couldn't verify a replacement.