Monday, December 21, 2009

Ancient and Unrelated Almanack

This here's from Sunday, June 29, 1997. I know because I scanned it from a copy of the Wash Post Style section of that date, which I found in a drawer in my studio. This was about the third or fourth Poor Almanack I did, though it wasn't called Richard's Poor Almanac(k) then, or anything else. It changed names every time, which wasn't much use for building up a readership. I like this one just fine, though I'd forgotten all about it. I gave the original to Ms. Carolyn Hax, who liked it a lot too.

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Paul said...

Why is this so absolutely perfect just before St. Santa?
That's what I love about you, Alice, Petey, Dill, and Cul de Sac: surreal illustrations and apparently random remarks creating an unsettling but deeply meaningful and satisfying whole.