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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Can you name these men?

Philip Mangano, (the Bush administration's "homelessness czar") done for the June 2004 issue of The Atlantic (thanks to Mary Parsons!

As mentioned earlier Scott Stewart is going through Richard's caricatures with the aim of doing a book of them. This involves identifying the subject of hundreds of drawings.  As an experiment in crowd-sourcing, does anyone recognize these two characters?

John Kasich (thanks to blog reader Sam, 
and editorial cartoonist Nate Beeler)


sam said...

I think that the dog is wearing a campaign button on its hat that might say "Kasich" - suggesting that the person is John Kasich, and then when you google him and "penny" you see that he teamed up with a guy named Penny to propose a budget in 1993 that narrowly failed (i don't know, go to wikipedia). Possible?

Jack said...

Do you have years associated with each picture? That might help people narrow down to the right people.

Mike Rhode said...

No years, I'm afraid. Richard didn't annotate his art with anything, including who it was for, who it was, or when it was done.

However, John Kasich, also suggested by cartoonist Nate Beeler looks good. A web search reveals he had a dog named Penny Bird in the 1990s.

Neil J Murphy said...

I'm thinking the first one is Jerry Brown, back when he had (some) hair.

John Glynn said...

the top gentlemen is Tyrone Power

Mary Parsons said...

The top one is a portrait of Philip Mangano, (the Bush administration's "homelessness czar") done for the June 2004 issue of The Atlantic. I was The Atlantic's art director then, and thought that illustration looked familiar, so I looked around and found a tear sheet.
-- Mary Parsons