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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

'Food News' Cover of Cows and Chickens

Scott Stewart is working on going through Richard's caricatures with the aim of doing a book on them. He pulled this quote out of an interview Richard did with Mike Rhode and went digging until he found this picture.

RT: Well, if people see you in the Post, they think of you especially if it's local … around Washington there are a lot of associations and every association has a magazine or a newsletter or some print venue (this is in the '80s when everything was print). They have holes to fill too, so… You could support yourself on that, whether you want to or not. The government too – I did something for the publication Food News at the Department of Agriculture drawing some cows and chickens. If you get a chance to draw a cow, you can't turn it down. (Audience laughs).

MR: Wildly-collectible now…

RT: Yeah, exactly.

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