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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Today's Poor Almanack

Uh-oh, it's that time of year again. We've been getting catalogs for most of a month now, some of them tinged with a little panic at the possibility that this holiday shopping season will be a disaster. My dad tells me he recently drove past a Lord & Taylor, a very elegant, high-end department store that used to kind of scare me when I was a kid. He says they had some kids out by the street with big red & yellow signs trumpeting their big sales. If the lacquered giantesses they used to hire as sales help could see that they'd spin in their vampire coffins, I'm sure.


Kid Shay said...

My most fervent Hope is that Obama does for ties what JFK did for hats - get rid of them. Is there an executive order for that?

Oh, and I'll take one GM and four video rental stores, please.

Mike said...

I've worn a tie once in the last two years since moving to rural New England. I was asked to speak at the Lions Club and my host said, "Oh, but you've gotta wear a tie or you get fined." So I did. One of the Lions told me it was my HOST who would have had to cough up the five bucks. Funny group, those Lions.

However, I also thought of JFK looking at this, because I thought of Vaugh Meader's First Family album and the affection with which it was greeted, but a bit of controversy as people debated whether it was appropriate to spoof the President and his family.

We may talk about ties today, but that latter conversation is looong gone.

Shanster said...

Obamables. That just sounds cuddly and reassuring doesn't it?

And swipesies is funny. It reminds me of a job I had in my 20s.

I travelled for my job and worked in this registration office for long, long, long, long hours. (a horse show registry run horse show - we had to enter the horses/riders and post show results etc)

They'd let us out for short breaks and I'd go scavaging... come back to the show office with all sorts of free odds and ends to occupy time. It was really fun.

Tho, I have this nagging feeling that when your 20's are over, it's not so much fun anymore...