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Friday, November 14, 2008

A Thurber Carnival

For the next two weeks, on Friday and Saturday evenings, the play A Thurber Carnival will be playing at The Kellar Theater in Manassass, Virginia. Featured in the cast is my wife Amy, who not only hails from James Thurber's hometown of Coumbus, Ohio, but is also a whiz at acting, prop building, scenery painting and doing spot-on accents (her Sarah Palin imitation will make your hair just about walk off your head). If I were you I'd be buying my ticket now. Hurry!


Dirk said...

Just a minute! Today is Friday, how do I buy the ticket for the plane and get to Manassass in Virginia? I will later because I live in Naples, Italy. I believe that I can not come to the theater! :-)

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Chris Duffy said...

A coincidence! My local high school just did a production of this play, and I saw it last night. A very odd combination of subject matter and age-of-performers (I kept wondering if they got half of what they were saying. Though they were a game cast who SEEMED to be enjoying themselves.). It was fun, though I had to explain to my son who Grant was and what Appomatix (sp?) is / was.

Strange that there's no topoketa in the Mitty part (that I could hear... acoustics were horrible)...lots of tremulating though!