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Saturday, October 18, 2008

My Personal Commintment to Recycling, or, Today's Poor Almanack

Above is today's Poor Almanack. It's a pretty bald-faced steal from one I did eight years ago when there were some undecided voters who needed help. That one is below.

And four years ago, under similar circumstances, I did another one, also meant to help undecided voters. I guess indecisive voters are just an ongoing problem.

Though I can't help but note that the indecisive voter guy who's featured in the two top cartoons sure seems decisive enough in his choice of loud-checked jackets. And I have to admit that the original cartoon of eight years ago has the strongest finish in the yard sign joke. Maybe I'll use that again in four years, when we're due for another spate of Undecided Voters


paul bowman said...

It's brilliant, really -- the theme & variations thing, plus the concept of a comics that only gets a new strip every four years. Who'd have thought there'd be reason to be looking forward to 2012 already!

When you get to, like, the sixth iteration, in 2020, you could publish the whole series as an anthology, with critical essays from highbrow journalists & literary types.

Mike Rhode said...

Gormless was a much better word than undecided. I love calling people gormless...