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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Electrical Contactors Run Amok

This is a cover I just finsihed for Electrical Contracor Magazine, art directed by the mighty Bono Mitchell. I think it's purty. I wish my house looked like this, maybe without the yellow dog. Or I wish I had a yellow dog like that, and forget the house full of gizmos.


Danny Fry said...

Cartooning at its finest... nice piece Richard!

Mike Rhode said...

Dinosaurs. I see 'em everywhere.

randy said...

Are they watching the Mardi Gras parade? I wanna watch, too!

Stacy Curtis said...

I like how your style changes depending on the project at hand. This is obviously drawn by THE Richard Thompson, but not as scratchy.

I've always wanted to draw in many different styles (and I can), but I've always been too scared to do it.

Everyone tells you "you HAVE to draw in one style! Make a "brand" for yourself!"

I'm thinking more and more this is just hooey! And you're proving it.

Great magazine cover. It would make me pick up the magazine. And rip off the cover. And put the rest back for the next electrical contractor who happened to come across it in the doctor's office.

here today, gone tomorrow said...

I like Stacy's idea...I'm gonna go steal the cover.

*wonders what web site the yellow dog is checking out...*

Stacy Curtis said...

HTGT, he's looking at the cul de sac blog, of course. He looking at himself, look at himself.

richardcthompson said...

Ha! The dog's probably looking at some LOLcat thing.

Yeah, I don't think any one style should limit you, though I've done drawings in a style I later wished maybe I hadn't tried. When I first took a portfolio to the Wash Post I included a few drawings in a real tightly polished, photo-realisticky style, and I ended up having to actually draw like that a few times. The first drawing I did for them was a realistic portrait of a jockey; he'd just been trampled by a horse and they didn't have any good photos of him for the Appreciation, so I drew one out of an old newspaper. My introduction to the glamour of The Press.