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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Oscar (R) Fun!

This is an old Almanack. I've done an Oscar (R) cartoon maybe six times, and they've usually included Tiny Tom Cruise getting his arm stuck in his chair's cup-holder or falling between the seat cushions and nobody noticing. This was the first of them and probably my favorite, even though there are no actors caricatured.

We used to have an Oscar (R) party, with a pool for the winners and various props and novelty food items. The first year it was an Oscar (R) statue made of cream cheese. The most epic was a twenty minute version of Titanic that my wife made using toys from our daughters' toybox, and a mock-up of the ship that actually split in two and sank to slide-whistle accompaniment. She brought it all in under budget for about $62. Boy, she hated that movie when we saw it in the theater, and it really showed in the parody. Someday it'll make its way to Youtube, and she'll be voted an honorary Oscar (R) for services to mankind.


paul bowman said...

Sure would like to see some of those tiny Tom Cruises.

Also, your wife's Titanic. — I'd feel, then, like I'd made up in a way for never getting around to seeing the original.

Kid Shay said...

I went to see Titanic with my friend, his younger sister, and a group of her friends. When the computer generated people were falling off the back of the ship and one guy hit the rudder on his way down I laughed out loud. I was immediately met with gazes of hatred by the four teenage girls.

Seriously, it was a bad movie.

I like your comic, though.

richardcthompson said...

I'll try to find some of those tiny Tom Cruises. He's fun to draw.

Yeah, I snickered at Titanic in all the wrong places, especially the Snidely Whiplash bad guy antics. So Paul, you haven't missed much. Though both my daughters like the movie because Leonardo is cuuuuuuuuute.

If you have to see one disaster-at-sea movie I'd recommend Juggernaut. It's a hoot.