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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Who Wrote Shakespeare?

If you're counting you'll know that today is not Shakespeare's birthday. I'm just posting this to cash in on that stupid movie Anonymous, which reveals who really wrote Shakespeare's plays (one million chimpanzees typing for only eight years). Pab Sungensis says it best, and in the right meter too, and Mike Peterson discusses it wisely as always (scroll down a bit). Please post your competing and unfounded theories in the comments section.


Herb said...

Oh, that's easy. It was obviously the famous time traveler, Lewis Carroll. With some of the mind-expanding substances he had free, legal access to he could send his spirit back in time and look over Bill's shoulder (He always called him Bill) and whisper ideas into his head. Why do you think we credit Shakespeare with inventing all sorts of new words? It was really Lewis Carroll. In fact Lady Macbeth's famous line was almost, "Out dam-ned Jabberwocky, out!" But it didn't work into the metre. Lewis's greatest accomplishment occurred the night Bill said, "I've written a new play, but the title is much too long." "What's the title?" he asked. "I call it, Julius, Grab the Girl Quickly Before She Can Get Away!" "Yes, that's much too long. Why not call it, Julius Caesar?"

richardcthompson said...

Okay, you've convinced me! And I hope somebody makes a movie pretty damn soon.

Though I understand Shakespeare did invent the word "puppydog" for which humanity owes him bigtime.

Herb said...

Very cool Shakespearean trivia.

mike flugennock said...

Uhhhmmmm... George Pelicanos?