Monday, March 21, 2011

Today's Cul de Sac, February 28 to March 6, 2011

It's time to claw our way somewhat closer to present-day.
 The pre-Alicians were first mentioned in early 2009.
 Or more likely, the hairdo is immortal and Miss Bliss is its present avatar.
 Petey's semi-aversion to being photographed was first shown here.
 Marcus briefly had his own blog, putatively run by his mother, until a certain unnamed person lost interest in it.
This could've been expanded on. And I wish I'd pulled the face in that second panel even more. It looked more distorted when drawn at 5 inches tall, the usual size I draw these things.
 Boy, now that plot will really take off.
Trees are among my favorite things to draw. I may drop the human characters from the strip and introduce a flock of comic birds so I can draw trees all the time.


The Bug said...

I love these little trips into your mind. Really - they're not scary at all!

Congregational Church on said...
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Robert Gidley said...

The nice thing when it's been a while since you've explained the strips is that I've forgotten them all and it's like reading them fresh again!

Who says ADD is a handicap?