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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hot 'n' Humid

Here's an ancient Poor Almanac from about '99 or '00 (I really should put dates on these things).  DC is currently about 95ยบ with humidity around total saturation levels. This goes out to Maria A. with all best wishes and hopes that she's cool, collected and comfortable.

And here's a bonus color sing-a-long. It's not the Dog Days yet, but posting it early will give us all a chance to learn the song in plenty of time.


gilda92 said...

Hot'nHumid! Ah Yes. Same here in southwestern Ontario. Today: 28C 98% humidity.
And muggy,sticky,scorching,sweltering pretty well describes summer here too.
Thanks for your amazing Cul de Sac.

plagasse said...

"Absquatulate" -- still laughing after all these years!

Sherm said...

Golly -- your pen work is so gorgeous to look at...it just sings with vibrant alive-ness-osity. Please don't ever go digital.

And thanks for sharing these sticky sweltering comics ^_^

Lesley Vamos said...

Such great visual storytelling

Belinda said...

3 weeks later and the heat hasn't abated!
I can't believe that I only just realized that you of course also did Poor Richards, ( I should have recognized the drawing style, and probably did, subconsciously) which I have always loved. But not as much as cul-de-sac, and Alice. Just brilliant.
Drivel...alia factosis: perfect!
I suffer from this with old rock songs crowding up my skull.. ;-)