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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Very Happy Cartoonist's Day, Again

You may be wondering, "How can I best celebrate this festive day?" You might consider:
  • Finding a cartoonist near you and mowing his lawn, at least the front lawn (especially the hard part with the hill).
  • While you're at it trim his shrubs, so the mailman can find his front door again.
  • Does his house need vacuuming? Well, what are you waiting for?
  • Who left all these dishes in the sink?
  • The cats; somebody feed the cats.
  • You could take him to lunch at the Mexican place down the street, where they're having some no doubt cartoonist-related celebration.
  • For God's sake laugh at his cartoons. If they appear in a newspaper, buy extra copies (or multiple subscriptions, even) and laugh at them too.
Note: if the cartoonist near you is a lady, please substitute "her" for "his". The original of the cartoon reproduced above is in the collection of the fabulous Mr. Jef Mallett, so this is a scan of the Almanac book page. And it's the same one I ran last year, and the year before, if it looks familiar.


Jojo said...

Incredible drawings and sensibility, I discovered your work recently, and it was since calvin and hobbes that I didn't laugh so much... So thank you, I'm waiting for more of your comics to arrive in France!

Jason James Curtis said...

Have you been called a genius yet today?

Richard, I absolute LOVE your drawing fact, I'm so jealous of your talent that when I look at your work I have the desire to curl up into a ball and weep.


Happy Cartoonist's Day! If I lived close by I'd definitely mow your cat and vacuum your lawn for you.

angryparsnip said...

Wahahahahahahah !

Sending you a laugh from Arizona.
As always so look forward to reading your strip every morning.
Hard work for you but a great way to start our day.

Cheers, parsnip

the cheese guy said...

Cheers to the best Cartoonist around.
....Thats you Richard! :)

Evan "Doc" Shaner said...

This is one of my favorite cartoons from the almanac. Happy Cartoonist's Day!

fritzoid said...

Feliz Dia de los Cartoonadores, Ricardo!

I think it's particularly gratifying that the Mexican-American community has embraced this red-letter day so whole-heartedly. Oftimes, I have myself found that the best way to appreciate a good "Cul de Sac" is to find a comfy chair and settle in with a nice pint of tequila. If I pace myself right, I'll reach the punchline and the bottom of the glass at the same time. Then I repeat the process, and the strip gets funnier and funnier every time! Great art is like that; it rewards multiple readings. Or viewings. Whatever.

Anonymous said...

Fourth panel, second strip: funniest thing I've seen in longer than I care to think about. Even more funny in that it's hilarious and almost nothing. You are great.