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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Today's Poor Almanack, Almost

I did this for today, Sept 26th, but it didn't make it into the paper because I forgot to tell them I'd have a  cartoon for this week until the very last minute. And I'm not exactly disappointed as this was a kind of late substitute for another related idea.

Today is the National Book Festival down on the Mall and I've done a cartoon on it several times previously, usually a foreshortened panorama with a lot of wacky details and hilarious details. Which is what I had in mind this time. Stuff like:

  • Malcolm Gladwell writes a best-seller in under 15 minutes based on an  ineffable concept of your choice - $5.
  • Rogue Kindle unfolds into giant robot and destroys all print.
  • Something with a big-headed Dan brown
  • The Librarian of Congress whatsisname goes around shushing everybody.
  • Something else really funny.
  • Are endpapers funny? 
  • The big finish.
But it didn't really go anywhere, and not for the first time either. So here's this Dan Brown thing instead, and it's not even entirely finished . But next week- something else!

And thanks to Michael Cavna of the Washington Post, whose Comics Riffs blog post cogently explains how the Sunday Cul de Sac has migrated to the Post's Style section. We bid the Washington Post Magazine a fond farewell and thanks for the nurturing, the hospitality and for all the fish!


Anonymous said...

You are awesome.

Theophylact said...

Sorry about your move to monochrome. What a waste.

Theophylact said...

Sorry about your move to monochrome. What a waste.

Charles Shryock, IV said...

I will definitely miss your strip from the magazine. It was one of the best things about Sunday.

Rooty Toot Toot said...

Oh but we LOVE your Book Festival cartoons down here at the Library of Congress! Please don't stop!

Anonymous said...

Moving from the magazine and loss of color is bad move on the Post.

Anonymous said...

I can't find an updated Cul de Sac or Almanac on the Post's website. I was afraid you had quit until I found your blog. Please tell the WaPo officials to update your stuff.

paul bowman said...

Is that a grown-up Viola at bottom right?

angryparsnip said...

My paper doesn't carry " cul de sac "
so I read it on the computer...

love the "thank you for the fish"comment, I loved when the porpoises said that in The Hitchhiker Guide Movie...