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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Un Lavoro Bello II

And now for something completely different- Drawing a Funny Cartoon in 20 Steps, in Italian. My awe-filled thanks for this to Diego Ceresa, the indefatigable genius translator for several comic strips (including Cul de Sac) at Linus Magazine.


Anaïs Goldemberg said...

Hu hu hu !
It is so true !
(cough cough)

nolanart said...

Who da thunk it? It's even funnier in Italian!

Ted Dawson said...

Hilarious and honest! I laughed out loud. Then my wife came over and told me it is a real language. Now I'm a little confused.

Patrick said...

Mi piache!

Mike Lynch said...

This is a classic!

Revieved excellent news this afternoon: The local B&N just called. CdS:THE BOOK is in and waiting for me, they said.

Mike Lynch said...

Oops. I meant "received."

Stacy Curtis said...

So when your cartoons are translated into Italian, are you re-lettering them or is someone doing that for you?

Gianfranco Goria said...

Diego Ceresa is also one of our best letterists, here in Italy... :-)
See him and his work here:

BTW, Richard, I talked about your work today at www.afnews.info. Bye!