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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Exciting Book Signing Event Thing

I'll be sigining copies of Cul de Sac at the Politics & Prose booth at the Crafty Bastards Arts & Crafts Fair this Sunday at 1 pm. The fair is at the Marie Reed Learning Center in at 18th St. and Wyoming Ave., NW, in the Adams Morgan neighborhood in DC. Those are the two most information-stuffed sentences I've ever typed, but if you need more, go here.

Update: Hello and thanks to those who came by, chatted, bought a book, or all three. It was a hoot, and thanks to my hosts Mike, AndrĂ¡s and Chad & family.


david t said...

while we're on the subject -- think you'll make it to montreal at some point? :)

richardcthompson said...

Does your couch fold out? And how's your economy?

Shanster said...

david t beat me to it... I was gonna ask when you are coming to CO? We have a couch AND I'd let you milk a goat.

Matt D. said...

Are you gonna be at B'more Con, too? If so, coupled with SPX and Crafty Bastards, you are in serious danger of overexposure. I recommend sending a proxy, like 10-year-old. He can place pre-signed sticker labels on books. (That's what Hunter Thompson did a few years ago when he came to Olsson's--it was rather funny. The label read: "Hi my name is" and Hunter had pre-signed "HST.")

Looking forward to seeing you again at SPX!

odessasteps said...

I believe I asked Richard this a couple weeks ago and he said he wasn't planning on being at Baltimore.

(it's such poor timing to be the same weekend as the Natl book Festival.)

Rex Immensae Majestatis Chapman said...

If I happened to order my book from Amazon and it didn't come yet, am I going to have another D.C.-area opportunity to get you to sign my book? I am just posing a hypothetical here.

david t said...

richard, my futon does fold out, yes, & i hear it's pretty comfy. but really, your publisher (or whoever takes care of those things) should put you in touch with the drawn & quarterly bookstore, now that'd be a match made in heaven.