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Saturday, June 7, 2008

This Week's Almanack, Plus an Old One

Here's today's. It's two weeks till summer and the DC area is already under a heat advisory, so I rushed this into print.

And here's one from I think last year. I only vaguely remembered it and didn't find it till after I'd already done the one for today. I can't say the new one's any improvement over the older one. But nothing else is getting any better, so why should I? Plus, it's too hot to work, even if you're working in a basement studio where the temperature never climbs above 70 degrees.


Robert said...

Quitcher whining. Here in Soggy Seattle, we're hoping to break 60 degrees later this week, in-between rain showers.

Q: What do Seattleites do for summer?

A: If it falls on a weekend, they have a picnic.

paul bowman said...

I love both. Summer a fleshy pale guy who drinks too much — that's about perfect.

I've been out working in it here in Baldimore, last few days, doing some repair work on a city townhouse, up & down a ladder in the sun. Oh boy, I wasn't ready. Seems like I let myself get used to the idea of spring this year — which just isn't smart.

here today, gone tomorrow said...

You nailed it. Let the suffering commence.

richardcthompson said...

I spent a week in Seattle some years back and it drizzled slightly one day. I told everyone I talked to how much I'd love to move there, it was so dazzling in the sunshine and all. And of course, they all said, No, don't let this freakishly sunny weather fool you. Ah well.

Paul, you have my utmost respect and sympathy too. I can barely handle a ladder on any day and just thinking about roof work right now makes me sweat.

Yup, I like summer okay, htgt, but he's a big doughy Yahoo.

Michael Devers said...

Fall has won "Best Season" for three years in a row now and Summer has a chip on his shoulder about it. Spring is annoyingly optimistic about her chances for next year while Winter, not having won in fourteen years, has entered an Eeyore phase.