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Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Reubens, by One Who Saw It (Them)

Here's a lovely piece of writing by Shaenon K. Garrity, who was there.
Thanks to Mike Lynch, who pointed this out first.


Mike said...

Nice thing about this commentary is that it's by someone who is enough of an insider to be invited and accepted at the event, but removed enough from the medium to view it all with fresh eyes. A very good perspective for the comics fan.

And, yes, it is a bit like someone describing the last massive herd of bison cresting over a hill on the last swath of unfenced prairie.

richardcthompson said...

Well put, Mike.

One thing that struck me was the number of comics fans who attended the Reubens. It wasn't a large number, maybe a couple of handfuls at a guess, but they were there to see cartoonists in their natural habitat and romp around with them too, and willing to pay to do it. And from the look of it, some of the fans had been attending for years and knew their way around the Reubens pretty well.