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Saturday, June 7, 2008

A Note to the Graduates

I've never been to a college graduation, but I've been to lots off high school graduation. Well, six maybe. And I can't remember a word from any of the speeches.


Mike Rhode said...

I believe Galactus was known for *eating* all who opposed him. Nice job with the Kirby-verse though. I can't believe they didn't use him like this in the 2nd Fantastic Four movie.

What is it with cartoonists and Galactus anyway? Paul Gilligan drew him in Pooch Cafe this week.

richardcthompson said...

I just liked drawing the teeny weeny mortarboard on him. Also, he often looks like he's going to tip over. Also, he's silly looking.

Mark Anderson said...

Good lord man, just when I think you can't top yourself, out comes Galactus!



richardcthompson said...

It was either him or the MIghty Modok, who some wise person at the Comics Journal described as the inspiration for Dick Cheney.

Bear said...

You're killing me! Stop making me laugh out loud at work. Shhhh! (quieting self) And just so you know, if I ever were to get a tattoo, it would be your Galactus. Excelsior! (shhhhhhh)

B Moore said...

Nobody doesn't like Galactus.

Josh Cooley said...

That is awesome. No it's better than awesome. It's gigawesomeful, which is a word I just made up that is better than awesome that describes that cartoon.

I love your work.