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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Greetings from Charlotte NC

This is being posted from Prof. Craig Fischer's hotel computer in Charlotte NC, the Queen City of the South. Not much to say, except thank you to the dozen or so people who showed up to hear me bloviate at the panel on Friday. I'd do a shout out by name, but I might miss somebody and I'd feel bad. HeroesCon has been a hoot, and the people running it are excellent hosts. More TK, as they say in newspaperese.


whamcomics said...
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whamcomics said...

Hi Richard- I missed your panel but enjoyed meeting you. Great strip! I'll start harassing the N&O tomorrow...

(deleted and reposted to make it look like I can spell)

Ted Dawson said...

Richard, I'd hoped to hear you speak and run into you at the Con, but unfortunately missed both. The kids ruled the afternoon, and rightly so, of course. They got some fun comics and I got to tell Spiderman to wear a cup. Maybe next year!

My first con. All I can say is, More ventilation please! I don't know how Iron Man could stand it.

Freddy Letrange said...

Just northeast of "Cul de Sac" in this morning's (Monday's!) Washington Post, Effie has emitted her loudest "Hallelujah!" Richard, welcome home.

jedi said...

Hey there!
Its Chris Sparks who attended the panel at Heroes and wanted to know who you were!! It was a blast!!
Thank you for your time and I love the strip!Thank you for the
Sketch O'ROO
Can I be your stalker next time? pleeaase?

Visit Asheville soon!!!

richardcthompson said...

Hey Wham, thanks & good to meet you too. Threaten them with subscription cancellation whether you've got one or not. It's the only way to get their attention.

Ted, dang, I waited for you and you didn't show! But glad you & yours enjoyed it despite the lack of ventilation. Let's do it again sometime!

Freddy, many belated thanks. I didn't know it'd be there and didn't see it till you pointed it out.

Hey Chris, I'm glad you came to the talk, your presence enhanced it, and pretty much doubled the audience. Hope all's good in Asheville, and I wouldn't mind getting down there. Let's get together and do some stalking!

jedi said...

Richard ,
Im hoping to have a meeting with the Asheville Comics Editor on Tuesday.
Can you post on here the site to buy a sunday strip and Iam going to stalk you till you sell a beautiful watercolor piece!