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Tuesday, June 10, 2008


This illustrated a piece in the Post Magazine last year about a couple who hired a contractor to work on their house. The contractor they hired was a dead-ringer for Joseph Stalin, with an attitude to match. None of the contractors I've seen in our neighborhood have resembled world-class dictators, though one working down the street could pass for Huey Long. And we once hired a plumber who looked so much like Mickey Dolenz that I almost asked him to sing I'm a Believer just to see if it was really him, working under a pseudonym.


Michael Devers said...

I really appreciate the big graphics you include when you post artwork like this. It's great to comb through all of the detail. Specifically here - the right-handed belt sander and the color known as "Green Possibly ".

richardcthompson said...

Thanks, Michael; the Green Possibly is mentioned in the text somewhere as one of the colors the contractor tried to inflict on his clients. From the sound of it, he actually had better taste than his client, but he was kinda overbearing about it.

And I just noticed that he's wearing the same shirt Newt Gingrich was wearing in a previous post. I shoulda posted them together, then I'd've had a "theme". "Overbearing People Who Tear Up the House in Checked Shirts."