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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

More Oscars Updated with Old Material!

Here's this week's Almanack, too late to do you any good.

And here's an Oscars Preview from about 2003 with a few Teeny Tom Cruise jokes. And some other references that might be a little dated. But there is a flying-cummerbund joke, and of course those are always funny.


Wes said...

"Bear attack".

I think I would wear that button down.

Great stuff.

paul bowman said...

Ha ha!


Will print this & keep handy, in case I actually watch the awards one of these years.

Kid Shay said...

Your "9:56" panel looks remarkably like something out of Edward Gorey. You just know something horrible is happening offstage.

here today, gone tomorrow said...

Normally you know, Richard, I'm a totally craven ass-kissing fan of your work, but today...today I'm a little disappointed I have to say. That mute button is WAY too small.

Jim Borgman said...

Richard, your blog is way too civilized. Where are the medication-skipping, statistics-pasting, tourette's-barking, race-baiting crackheads that grafitti all over my comments section? Get real!

nolanart said...

Hey Richard and Jim,

I'll do my part. Going to skip the meds starting right now!

richardcthompson said...

I think the reason we're all so civilized here is that I don't go trafficking in "opinions" about "issues" or "social problems". Stuff like that attracts the crazies, you know, so it's all best avoided.

Meanwhile, everybody toss your meds! From now on it's open mike paranoid rant night!

And hey, htgt, would you have reached for the mute button if Viggo Mortensen had won?

here today, gone tomorrow said...

Now you know better then that!!! I would have had the volume up all the way and my face pressed up against the TV screen to get all that Viggo deliciousness.

Paul Gilligan said...

"Homonculus" is the funniest word of all time.

Paul Gilligan said...

It's even funnier if I spell it right.