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Sunday, December 18, 2022

Compleating Cul de Sac 2nd edition available in print now

Yesterday, we finally got the proof copies of the books. We don't think these will print, ship and be there in time for Christmas, and definitely not for Hanukkah. Maybe for New Years? But you can print out and use the attached IOU if you need to.  If you just quickly want a cheaper ebook as a DRM-free pdf, use this link to the Compleating Cul de Sac 2022 edition. If you donate at least $10 using the link and let us know, we will send you a PDF of the new book.  - Mike & Chris

Compleating Cul de Sac, 2nd edition paperback

Compleating Cul de Sac, 2nd edition hardcover

Here's the description one more time -

The Complete Cul de Sac isn't. Complete, that is. Compiling it while ill, Richard accidentally left out some strips. Others were purposely left out, either because he had redrawn them for syndication, or they were too tied to the Washington, D.C. origins of the strip to make sense for a worldwide audience, or he "just felt some were not funny." Over 100 are not in The Complete CDS. But if you're a cartoon completist, or just want a little bit more CDS, we understand and we're here for you. We've collected the lost water-colored Washington Post Magazine strips, the early inchoate musings about what the strip should be, the promotional material, the sketches for fans, and finally some fugitive Team Cul de Sac charity art. This whole book is about community—the people that loved Richard and CDS and what he gave to us and what we tried to give back to him. As Anna Straight noted when sending in a contribution, "Cul de Sac integrated into our lives and became the running comedy track for our family." With Richard's blessing, or at least active acquiescence, any money the book makes will go to Team Cul de Sac to fight Parkinson's disease. We initially published this as a print-on-demand book through Lulu in 2015, but after Richard passed away, people have continued to do tributes to him and the strip, and we were glad to take the opportunity to add over 100 pages of artwork and interviews to a new edition.

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