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Monday, March 16, 2015


That docudrama I posed for for the folks at GVI has been selected  for the first annual NOVA Film Festival,  to be held in mid-April at the Angelika theater in Merrifield.  Specifically, it'll be shown on April 13th at 8 O'Clock in theatre @6. AND it's up for an award (details as they become  available).                                   .

Now ask me about the Athens Film Festival.


Mike Blake Studio said...

That was very inspirational. Thank you for sharing and for creating amazing art.

My father also has Parkinsons and it is difficult to see a giant of a man cut down in his prime (mid 40's) and often makes me wonder who he would have become or what he would have done if the disease hadn't consumed him.

I'm curious what is the time difference between the moments you were talking boldly in the movie and slurring?

Unknown said...

What about the Athens Film Festival? ;^)

BTW, the link above to the NOVA Film Festival doesn't work because there are two wayward "vees" photobombing the URL. Try

richardcthompson said...

It got into that too. And thanks!

gilda92 said...

Athens has a film festival? and...?

Bob Burnett said...

Yeah. The Athens in Ohio, not that other place in...I think....Greece?

"The Art of RT" will be kicking off the screenings on Easter Sunday. 1:00PM.

Kathy said...

This is a beautiful film! Made me more aware of the scope of your art and talent.
So Gene Weingarten is a real person? Will he be covering the Athens film festival?
Thank you,