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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

HAPPY 2015

Traditions are important; they're a way of saying, "I did it this way before and it seemed to work OK" or "I haven't got anything new." So to start the year off the same, here's a drawing of an elephant with a New Year's Baby. Because traditions are important, like I said.


gilda92 said...

One week into the New Year and it's same old same old. It's snowing and blowing and highways are closed and accidents are happening. Ugly stuff here in Ontario Canada. But duty calls: Best wishes for at least a reasonably happy new year. (How's that for a typically reserved Canadian greeting? You were expecting bubbly?)

carl craig said...
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gilda92 said...

Here we are in the middle part of January and you haven't "said" any more. Please say something again.

Fisherman said...

Happy new year, too!

Any chance that Richard's Poor Almanac will be republished?

A fan from Germany